Monday, February 23, 2009

Sprinq is in thee air =)

Sprinq - birds chirpinq, flowers bloominq, temperature risinq, rain and mud puddles, butterflies fluterrinq around, some serious allerqies and bee stinqs (that I happen to also be allerqic too), and new freakinq clothesss !

Sprinq shoppinq is the only thinq Im lookinq forward to riqht now, besides qettinq accepted into colleqe =)

March freakinq starts next weeek ! And Ive been told that the clocks do that thinq where they have to chanqe next week tooo. Danqq, I cant wait till Sprinq and then Summer and then officially leavinq hiqh schoool =)

Dude, can you even produce sperm ?

This is pretty old news but it keeps botherinq me so I qotta throw my two senses in.

He's 13 and a daddy - They say dude looks 8 but I think he's not even close to lookinq 8, I'd qive him a couple years younqer. And as for that hoe - She's 15, but I think she looks like a trashy 17 year old.
Seriously thats what yur into little mama ? Thirteen year olds ? Yu need help.
Reporter asked how he can help raise the child financially and he replied "what's financially ?" Like that was real cute and just a siqn that the little fucker shouldn't be havinq children.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like seriously Chris Brown ?

Rihanna after Chris fucked her shit up (yes, its a real photo).

*SMH, honestly - how the fuck she sat there and let him do this shit to her? His fuckinq dick woulda been mine soon as the thouqht to put a finqer on me popped in his head.

Hello Brklyn.

I take pointless pictures - qet over ittt .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's day Weekend

This weekend was pretty danq eventful - at least Valentine's day was , everythinq else was reqular .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice one , Movada =)

It was a dick move but fuckinq hilarious .

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid !

Yesterday I went to Chuck E. Cheese's and I was like uberly excited to qo because that used to be my shittt - Althouqh last time I was there I had an asthma attack in the tube because I was too biq and claustrophobic and suffered from asthma loll . But still the qames were poppinq , and I always knew how to take out my tickets so I'd qet more tickets than I was supposed to . But Saturday I went to Chuck E. Cheese's with my nephew and that shit was wackk ! I dnt know maybe it was just that downtown one , or there was way too many people there and too many lines to wait in just to play a qame , or maybe Im too biq , or all the little kids just had some perverted dads that were creepinq me out by tryna make conversation about my nephew so that they could baq me (ew) - But whatever it iss , Chuck E. Cheese just aint thee same anymoree =/

VIOLATED - Yur no "Miley Cyrus" ya know .

Lmaoo - Oww , I definitely dnt want my pussy in mysterious places ; i.e. Mylee's mouth =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hehe - Thee true story .

Sounds leqit to mee =)

What ? Where yu seen me at ?

People are dumb , period . How the hell yu find me on Facebook and qo babblinq on about how yu've seen me before in school with yu ? First of all darlinq , When yu were a senior at Graphic Communication Arts , I was a measly little eiqht qrader .... in a middle school .... in New Jersey ! ; And second off - I NEVER attended GCA , nor have I ever been any where near there in my lifee . Just because Im in the GCA network , does not mean I went theree - so stop lyinq about how yu've seen me there before ! This is like the sixth time somebody wrote me talkinq about how they seen me there , like noo yu really havent . Im def removinq myself from the GCA network now .

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Its how we roll ; & no , yu cant be down .

So this is what Issy & I do when were sittinq in my room on a Saturday niqht durinq the commercial break for our Lifetime movie . We like to dance , even thouqh some say we dont do it too well - They're just haters =)

*Yes , we dance like this in public , but not seriously - Its a jokee .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys x Chris Brown's Situation

Chris Brown & Rihanna , in my opinion , are complete dumbasses . If yu wana beat a bitch do it in the privacy of yur home ; And Rihanna , yu just dumb , aint no way in hell Im lettinq a niqqa put his hands on me . If some shit like that happened I swear to yu shit would be switched - Im qettinq arrested and he's qna be the one in the hospital =)

And the Grammy's , overall , sucked balls , btw .
Buttttt - M.I.A. was too cute with her 9 month ass belly =)

What hiqh looks like .

Lmaoo - Poor kiddie , we know he's not qna be doinq anymore druqs anytime soon .

*Bee Tee Dub - If yu askinq : Why I made this Bloqspot ? I really dnt know - Suck a cock if yu no like it , and yu can choke on that cock too ;)