Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He Scares Me =/

He used to be a cute little kid - WTF happened ?

Lessons Learned.

Sorry about the lack of posts for thee past week.

I'd say I probably haven't been up to much, but then I think about it & I really have. I think in just thee past week I've qrown a whole lot (not heiqht wise either). I seen a couple people who I thouqht dissappeared/I never wanted to see aqain/still never want to see aqain. I learned that I should learn how to forqet thinqss, still haven't qotten to thee forqivinq part of "qrowth" just yet. But anyways - shit happens, people chanqe & qo their own way, everythinq cant always qo my way no matter how much I hate to admit that. People that I dont want to be included in my life will be anyways if they were meant to be there. I dont view people as just friends, family, acquaintances, or whatever else anymore - they're lessons to me now. Meaninq that I will learn somethinq from each person that enters my life. Not like they're literally qoinq to teach me somethinq, but lessons about myself that Im qoinq to learn just by how I simply interact with them. & in thee past week I learned that one of my downfalls can be my complete lack of emotions w| people I really do care about, but just never show it. Learned that I cant let one situation mutate my whole perspective of everyone. Learned that thinqs qo wronq so I can see that better thinqs are out there that will do me riqht. Learned that thinqs no matter how peachy thinqs are on thee outsides theres still a possibility that its sour on thee inside. Learned that beauty isnt skin deep; thee prettiest bitch will turn into thee uqliest bitch as soon as she opens her mouth & nothinq but iqnorance comes out. Learned that no one can complete your puzzle but yu.

*These all arent personal lessons, some are lessons learned from me beinq closely observant to everyone around me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This chic is like baaad, its qettinq annoyinq to me now. I wana throw a brick at her head & kidnap her wardrobe =)

Hilarity. (From MOB Livinq)

People are seriously unbelieveably sooo flippinq dumb, its hilarioussss =)

Louis Vuitton Ad.

Kanye's new Louis Vuitton Ad, featurinq (t)his bad bitch Amber Rose. She's smartt - Makinq mula off their "relationship," and now makinq her way into his ads.

Been Slackinq.

But now Im back =)

Check out these fiends in London. SMH.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Stalk me on this lame business; twitter.com/lovemulaa

Im soo throuqh with Myspace; I dont wana network with anyone anymore. If they wana know whats qoinq on with my lifee (since its oh so amazinq to many), they can read my bloq, or Twitter if I ever use it (which Ive been trynq). Chasity made me qet it, since she's been MIA on Myspace for thee past three or so years, due to creepers lookinq at her pics which she hates lol. And Facebook seriously bores my world. I have like 4659458 friend requests on it that I refuse to accept because I dont know them, but they send msqs sayinq they know me. Eww, creepy. And then theres freshmen in my school who wana add me because we qo to school toqether, like bitchh Idqaf, we still cant be friends lol.

Anyways just stalk me on thee Twitter for now, or here, where ever =)
Stalk Mula | Stalk Chas

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Ink =)

This whole weekend Ive been on some next shitt, feelinq all neqlected & shit by everyone, and feelinq so tied down to doinq thinqs to please everyone, & honestly thats not me at alll. I dont wana do shit to please anyone but myselff pssh, and I seem to be qettinq soft these dayss, soo not cool. So I had to rebel and remind myself - Im not soft, and fuck everybody & love too. Was qna do it in another lanquaqe but I needed somethinq self explanatory for thee slowpokesss .

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is a joke riqht ?

I quess Cassie doesnt wana seem like a complete Amber Rose biter and completely shave her head but seriously this shit isnt cute. She better shave thee rest of that offf. Her nails and shit look cute I quess loll.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This sonq is flippinq qreatt. I hear it on the radio all day. Not even thee techno world likes thee kid. Its call My Flow so Tiqht, but its just talkinq about Chris Brown, no relevance to his flow, or anyones flow but I still heart it. All they're sayinq over and over is:

"My flow so tight and the beat’s so sick
chris brown should get his ass kicked

Boy hits girl
boy should be taken down
no matter who's around
the more I searched, yo the more I found
that there's a curse to this last name brown
dude can dance and yo dude gets loose
dude should come clean and tell the truth
all the money in the world but it's no excuse
career suicide yo here's the news "

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Person of thee Day .

My little sister Faith. Cant even say she's a boss in thee makinq, because Lord knows shes already bossinq, just like her sis. I love her too much. Always there for her whether its a boy, pickinq out an outfit or qettinq a henna tattoo loll. Shes thee little sister Ive always dreamed of, my mini MOB =)

Birthday Tribute - Mister Fraint

Today is thee day - 21 whole years of Fraintiness from Mister Fraint himselfff. Even tho we fiqht all the time and are constantly blazinq eachother I still love him dearly, for he is my dear mother's husband's offsprinq. In the pass almost three years we were forced to qet closer and we did. Hes my brother, and even better, a best friend, I can tell him anythinq and he can tell me anythinq. We qet advice from eachother, and I own his "list" =)

Anyways, Happy Birthday Frainterr !
& Dont forqet our plans about movinq all thee Cadets to liquorvilllee =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Soo Friday -

I went to qo re-qet my license after losinq it thee same week of my bday and I still havent made my way to thee DMV yet, smh. Then I went to qo look at prom dresses with Wifey & I came to thee conclusion that we dont need to be toqether alone because thats way too much ADHD in one room. We qo shoppinq and she qets lost lookinq for leqqinqs and I qet lost lookinq for v-necks; and before I know it I find myself fallinq in love with Mishka in thee tattoo place. So as Im debatinq Mishka or MTTM, wifey is debatinq to be pierced or not to be pierced. So she qets pierced and I was like hellzz, Ill buy both then, plus some more Mishka. So after we both qet all thee Mishka, MOB, piercinqs, v necks and leqqinqs we can possibly qet we leave and then realize that shit fuck, we never even look at a danq dress. And yess , this is thee story on how we dont need to be toqether =)

Since I qot nothinq else to bloq about.

- Just some proof that thee best friend is indeed a nasty hoe =)

[click to make biqqer, duhh dumbass.]

Friday, April 3, 2009

Calculisticss ?

These people are very stranqeee, but who's flippinq hole is biq like a woman who has childrenn? Eeekk, deeeeequstinq loose hoess =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Was lookinq thru my computer imaqes and I find thiss. Lol I dont exactly remember what thee conversation was about but it just looks like a confession to me - Cute I quesss =)

Tmrw better be a qood day. Leavinq school early because I wana shop and qet my license that I lost three days after I qot it and never went back to qet it lolll, and ofcourse spend quality time with wifeyy =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools.

Everyone played an April fools joke on me today for some reason, because they knew my day was sucky perhapss ? I dont know, and of course I fell for thee old "yur laces are untied" joke even tho my qym sneakers are VELCRO, smh loll. But this fuckinq niqqa deadass had to qo extra hard with thee shit, had me fuckinq mad for hoursss - shit, Im still mad. Like I knew he said he was qna qet me back for my joke that wasnt even that seriouss , and it was like months aqo so we shoulda qot over it, but nooo he forqets nothinq and he qoes hard so now Im qoinq to think up a little master plan and I will qet this niqqa soo flippinq qoood. Every fuckinq day I will think up some new qenius ideas and throw em all toqether and he will be done for.

Lord knows nobody makes a fool outta me and qets away with it =)

BTW; Clarissa's payback ideas are suckyy.

Rainy day.

This week is no qood. It could simply be me PMSinq, but this week is sucky. The weather suckss, this rain is depressinq, and people - oh my. I dont know how many times Ive heard it this week "Yur a spoiled little bitch, yu cant always have yur way" but shitt, Ive qotten my way for over seventeen years, and now I cant have thinqs my way?! WTF type shit is that?

And this April fools day has been thee qreatesttt - Aunt Flow just had to visit, some stupid uncoordinated chic nearly broke my ankle, and I had to hear some wonderful news that just brouqht my spirits up sooo hiqh. (SARCASM ofcoursee.)

And Like Im beqinninq to come to thee conclusion that Im really a heartless cunt, like I dont qive a fuck about shit. Like the thinqs Id expect myself to be stressinq, I dont ever really care. Its like whatever, nothinq or nobody really matters to me anymore but me. Its kinda sad, but like honestly, Im qlad I cant qive a fuck anymoreee, Im seventeen, I dont need that stress. All I need is money really, thats thee only thinq that ever really qives me butterflies in my tummy lolll =)

Anyways, Im done talkinq for noww .