Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Stalk me on this lame business;

Im soo throuqh with Myspace; I dont wana network with anyone anymore. If they wana know whats qoinq on with my lifee (since its oh so amazinq to many), they can read my bloq, or Twitter if I ever use it (which Ive been trynq). Chasity made me qet it, since she's been MIA on Myspace for thee past three or so years, due to creepers lookinq at her pics which she hates lol. And Facebook seriously bores my world. I have like 4659458 friend requests on it that I refuse to accept because I dont know them, but they send msqs sayinq they know me. Eww, creepy. And then theres freshmen in my school who wana add me because we qo to school toqether, like bitchh Idqaf, we still cant be friends lol.

Anyways just stalk me on thee Twitter for now, or here, where ever =)
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