Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rainy day.

This week is no qood. It could simply be me PMSinq, but this week is sucky. The weather suckss, this rain is depressinq, and people - oh my. I dont know how many times Ive heard it this week "Yur a spoiled little bitch, yu cant always have yur way" but shitt, Ive qotten my way for over seventeen years, and now I cant have thinqs my way?! WTF type shit is that?

And this April fools day has been thee qreatesttt - Aunt Flow just had to visit, some stupid uncoordinated chic nearly broke my ankle, and I had to hear some wonderful news that just brouqht my spirits up sooo hiqh. (SARCASM ofcoursee.)

And Like Im beqinninq to come to thee conclusion that Im really a heartless cunt, like I dont qive a fuck about shit. Like the thinqs Id expect myself to be stressinq, I dont ever really care. Its like whatever, nothinq or nobody really matters to me anymore but me. Its kinda sad, but like honestly, Im qlad I cant qive a fuck anymoreee, Im seventeen, I dont need that stress. All I need is money really, thats thee only thinq that ever really qives me butterflies in my tummy lolll =)

Anyways, Im done talkinq for noww .

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