Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools.

Everyone played an April fools joke on me today for some reason, because they knew my day was sucky perhapss ? I dont know, and of course I fell for thee old "yur laces are untied" joke even tho my qym sneakers are VELCRO, smh loll. But this fuckinq niqqa deadass had to qo extra hard with thee shit, had me fuckinq mad for hoursss - shit, Im still mad. Like I knew he said he was qna qet me back for my joke that wasnt even that seriouss , and it was like months aqo so we shoulda qot over it, but nooo he forqets nothinq and he qoes hard so now Im qoinq to think up a little master plan and I will qet this niqqa soo flippinq qoood. Every fuckinq day I will think up some new qenius ideas and throw em all toqether and he will be done for.

Lord knows nobody makes a fool outta me and qets away with it =)

BTW; Clarissa's payback ideas are suckyy.

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