Monday, April 6, 2009

Soo Friday -

I went to qo re-qet my license after losinq it thee same week of my bday and I still havent made my way to thee DMV yet, smh. Then I went to qo look at prom dresses with Wifey & I came to thee conclusion that we dont need to be toqether alone because thats way too much ADHD in one room. We qo shoppinq and she qets lost lookinq for leqqinqs and I qet lost lookinq for v-necks; and before I know it I find myself fallinq in love with Mishka in thee tattoo place. So as Im debatinq Mishka or MTTM, wifey is debatinq to be pierced or not to be pierced. So she qets pierced and I was like hellzz, Ill buy both then, plus some more Mishka. So after we both qet all thee Mishka, MOB, piercinqs, v necks and leqqinqs we can possibly qet we leave and then realize that shit fuck, we never even look at a danq dress. And yess , this is thee story on how we dont need to be toqether =)

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