Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lessons Learned.

Sorry about the lack of posts for thee past week.

I'd say I probably haven't been up to much, but then I think about it & I really have. I think in just thee past week I've qrown a whole lot (not heiqht wise either). I seen a couple people who I thouqht dissappeared/I never wanted to see aqain/still never want to see aqain. I learned that I should learn how to forqet thinqss, still haven't qotten to thee forqivinq part of "qrowth" just yet. But anyways - shit happens, people chanqe & qo their own way, everythinq cant always qo my way no matter how much I hate to admit that. People that I dont want to be included in my life will be anyways if they were meant to be there. I dont view people as just friends, family, acquaintances, or whatever else anymore - they're lessons to me now. Meaninq that I will learn somethinq from each person that enters my life. Not like they're literally qoinq to teach me somethinq, but lessons about myself that Im qoinq to learn just by how I simply interact with them. & in thee past week I learned that one of my downfalls can be my complete lack of emotions w| people I really do care about, but just never show it. Learned that I cant let one situation mutate my whole perspective of everyone. Learned that thinqs qo wronq so I can see that better thinqs are out there that will do me riqht. Learned that thinqs no matter how peachy thinqs are on thee outsides theres still a possibility that its sour on thee inside. Learned that beauty isnt skin deep; thee prettiest bitch will turn into thee uqliest bitch as soon as she opens her mouth & nothinq but iqnorance comes out. Learned that no one can complete your puzzle but yu.

*These all arent personal lessons, some are lessons learned from me beinq closely observant to everyone around me.

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