Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Apparel Must Haves .

So my sister Glitter has done this exact post , but she missed all thee qood shit that I think are truly must haves .

Ive become thee American Apparel fiendd ; most thee shit, if not everythinq I bouqht as Summer clothes is from riqht theree =X

Anywayss , heres what I feel are thee real must havess :

Thee Le Sac dress - Cant qo wronq , it costs $38 & theres a qazillion diffferent ways yu can wear itt .

Cotton spandex dress - $36 and my favoritee . Thee deep pink one is my lovee (=

Thee Disco Pant (As seen on Amber Rose) - $90 ; Im fiendinq for these ASAP !

Unisex courdoroy short - $32 . Its thee only shorts Ive bouqht since thee weather qot nicee , own a couple different colors and I love em .

Interlock Mini Skirt -$25 simply banqinqq !

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