Monday, May 4, 2009

Poem ; Devil's Halo.

*NOTE; yes, I write poems but Im far much too shy w| em. I hate sharinq my poems because I feel like theyre always my deepest feelinqs turned into words and Im not one to share my feelinqs w| everybody & their mother, but this just felt like somethinq Id like to share. Not sayinq this is how I feel, but I was just feelinq inspired to write & this is what I qott. Enjoyy =)

Thee Devil wears a halo, and he wears it so well.
I cant see past thee halo, Im blind to the hell.
I cant hear thee lies, nor see thee truth he never tells,
But I feel thee pain that to my soul he sells.

Thee Devil has created this disquise;
My heart sees it, but its blind to my eyes.
My mind believes each one of his lies,
But my heart is much too wise.

Thee Devil's smile is so beautiful,
Every smirk makes feelinqs seem mutual.

Thee Devil's music takes my breath,
He'll sinq each note til I reach my death.

Thee Devil's eyes traps my heart,
He's beautiful, a work of art.

Thee Devil's halo has officially tricked me,
Because thee way he wears it so slickly.

And now I see that thee Devil wears a halo,
He wears it so well.
Now I hear thee Devil's lies,
And I see thee truth he would never tell.
I feel this pain that to my soul he continues to sell.

The Devil has created this disquise
My heart always saw,
and is no lonqer blind to my eyes.
My mind no lonqer falls for the Devil's lies,
because I listened to my heart, so wise.

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