Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go's & Oh No's ! - Sprinq/Summer 2009

Everyone who knows me knows Im obsessed w| clothesss . & they also know how much I hate people who incorporate horrible trends that deserved to be burned into a potentially qreat outfit.

Anyways, from now on Ill try to post one do & one don't trend each dayy.

Here qo Day 1.

OH NO =!
Dont wear a scarf when its soo incredibly hot yur about to have an asthma attack because this thinq chokinq yu and then youre qna fall out and then die of a brutal heat stroke. It may look cute, but how does it make yu feel ?
Dont wear extra larqe & in charqe pants that make yu look like yu used to have a FUPA then lost it, but forqot to buy new pantss - shits not cute.

GO =)

Do wear a cute hiqh waisted short skirt. Not too short thouqh. But its pretty classy (too short isnt thouqh), and damn cute.

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