Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pushinq Thinqs Waaay Past Thee Limit.

I love dancinq, esp. to stupid reqqae sonqs like this Wibble Wobble shitt , its funny . But deadass these people take shit way to far. Theyre not dancinq anymore. This doesnt look cool . When a dude has yu on thee qround & humpinq yu , even thouqh yu see it as dancinq - its truly thee lack of respect and confidence yu have for yurselff . Dont qet me wronq , aint nothinq wronq w| a little bump & qrind , but this has knocked down thee bumpinq, qrindinq, dubbinq walls . Like save this shit for thee bedroom .

At 3:36 some fat chic completely qoes wild and picks up thee quy, THROW HIM DOWN, stands up and jump up & does a split on him , like serious I feel bad for my mans bones & shitt . & not even like she stops there, she tries it aqain on some next dude but he wasnt havinq it . SMH to all these people & their sloppy ass "dancinq" , & may God Bless em .

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