Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amber Rose | Shopppinq =)

Just because shes hot and I cant qet enouqh of her & she's wearinq my favorite American Apparel Disco Pant and qot a cutie on her arm =)

I came to thee conclusion that if I dont qo shoppinq soon enouqh Im qoinq to lose my flippinq head. Savinq money is def not in my list of many talents, and if I have thee money Im qna spend it so I miqht as well qet my danq Sprinq clothes. Im probly qna qo this weekend and start my Sprinq shoppinq. Then Ill wait another two weeks to qo aqainn =)
*Sunday in Soho ? - Possibility ! Who's followinqq ? Ahem , Little Tee Money ?

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