Monday, March 16, 2009

Luxury Tax - Now just a brand ; Soon an epidemic .

And now presentinq to yu Luxury Tax by thee biq sis Glitter Marchetta .
Friday July 31, 2009 its fersurely qoinq downn =)
At Steel Horse's Motorcycle Clubhouse from Seven PM to Eleven PM .
There will be red carpet photoqraphy, quest interviews, on floor photoqraphy, performances, etc.

Tickets qo on sale May firstt !
VIP tickets - $26
[VIP will qet yu front & second row seats, Luxury Tax qoody baqs, champaqne and appetizers courtesy of Andie's Dauqhters Caterinq Service.]
Tickets for yu "requlars" - $16
[Thee "requlars" just qet third row seatinq and thee chance to be at thee qreatest fashion show they're ever qoinq to attend =) ]
*To RSVP tickets before they qo on sale - E-mail with the first and last name of all the attendees .
*Guest list is LIMITED TO 350 GUESTS ! 75 VIP , 275 "requlars".

Contact info & directions cominq sooon !
REMEMBER - Keep checkinq back for more details here and on

&& Glitter is lookinq for two more models . Any heiqht accepted, size 27 or less. If yur interested e-mail her at LUXURYTAXBYGM@YAHOO.COM !

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