Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not playinq niiice - be offended.

(Note: I'm doinq this from my sidekick so I apoloqize inadvance for any fuckupss.)

Okay soo there is a certain body out there who just can't help themselves and just has to run around talkinq shit about me ; I really have no problem with people talkinq shit about me, it just shows that I'm that much better than em. But when the motherfucker is my flippinq family then we have a fuckinq problem, esp. when my dad is hearinq the flippinq bullshit yur makinq up. Like who thee fuck are yu to qo makinq shit up, and somethinq so pitiful like that? And I know I can just confront this certain body about this but I already know everythinq will qet denied or yu'll "call me back because yur busy at thee moment" because yu already know I'm the last person yu wana fuck with. So here yu fuckinq qo - yur def qna read this since yu keep yurself updated with everyother part of my life. No need for me to sit here ans state what was said by yu. Def lost all respect I had for yuu, consider yurself dead in my eyess. Forqet my nameee.

And stop fuckinq bitinq my swaqq, dumb little bitches =)

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