Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hatinq , yet aqain | My Wonderful Day .

Look who it is once aqain , my new favorite - Not even thee couple anymore , just this Amber Rose huneyy . Came to thee conclusion that all this "hatinq|jealousy" posts , I havent really been hatinq on them at all , just this bad ass bitch =)

My day (Idqaf if yu care or not.) :
- So my day went like this - Wake up , shower , take days to find a sonq to qet dressed to and actually qet dressed . Schoool (Jail/hell/crazy house) , and school was normal I quess , nothinq crazy cept two friends went hard on eachother and one ended up cryinq (pussy ass , fuckinq suck it up), and thee one teacher that annoys the hell outta my ass crack I actually had a decent conversation with her and she ended up askinq me if I was in a relationship (weirdoo , why she cares ? Idk .) Yada yada yahhh , I left school and went to Rita's with Renee & Kels , saw So-so and Bri there , and I qot a Manqo Banana Gelati (shit was qreattttt) , then went to thee mall with Renee and some other qirl that qraduated last yearr , At thee mall Renee like always can never make up her mind and my ADHD led me to the Apple store and I ended up qettinq a new iPod touchh (whooop) . Then Renee said "Im not leavinq here without anythinq , so we finally took thee shoppinq thinq seriously and started tryinq shit on . I tried shit on but qot a phone call that completely took my attention and then turned my mood down even tho I said I was alriqht I really wasntt , so I bouqht nothinq I tried on . Then after leavinq thee mall us three went to Renee's qrandparents house and it was her qrandpa's bday so he popped his champaqne and since I suck at drinkinq horribly thee little amount he did qive me qot me wasted lol . Then I came home and made up my bed so my mom would be happy and she didnt take notice I was crazier than usual , and I talked on the phone til I passed out and I just woke up not too lonq aqo and now Im probly qna lay down and waittt , Yess - just fuckinq waitt .

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