Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tribute to my Nails =|

(Warninq : Yu may not care but I do, if yu have a problem thee X can be located in the upper riqht hand corner.)
Geovan made me break a flippinq nail today , and no Im not one of those kinda people but my nails have been qrowinq since about December or January-ish and I wasnt really tryinq to qrow em lonq , they just happened to qet that way and I was like "damn I love em". I eventually qrew emotionally attached to em ; and like two weeks aqo Dave made me break one and I leqitly started cryinq because I was soo anqry and it takes hell for me to cry, so yu can only imaqine how I feel about my nails lol . Anyways , I cut all of my nails because I dont want two short and eiqht lonq so now Im just qna make em qrow backk I quess . I know Anali and Clarissa are happy theyre short (Theyre thee only ones that hated em).

Gna miss paintinq my lonq nailss =/

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