Monday, March 9, 2009

On thee Mind | Person of thee Day

On my mind -
I am so flippinq bored out of thee ass riqht now . Im tired as hell , yepp . I went to the qym today and qot a killer ass workout . Im really not feelinq this time chanqe thinq, but Ill qet used to it . & to be honest I dont feel like sharinq anymore of whats on my brainn =)

Person on thee Dayy - Madison , duh ! She's thee funniest thinq ever . I love her too much . She's been chillinq around my house since she was six months old and had absolutely no hair on her head ; Now shes three and qot some lonq ass wild curly hair that she only lets me and Lilly comb for her . She calls me her sister , but she's the "Princess." Everytime she makes a mess and I qet mad she says "Its okay Trish , yu can clean it up." And even tho she can drive me crazy with the way she talks nonstop and she acts like a spoiled baby and I cant stand that because Im thee baby too , she still puts a smile on my face every sinqle time she's around .

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