Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prom 2009 .

Last year I didnt qo to prom because I prefered qoinq shoppinq than wastinq thee cash flow to party with thee uqlies that attend KHS , but since it is my senior year I quess I kinda should qo just for thee experience . . . Screw it - I just wana qet all prettied up and danceeee =)

These two are thee dresses Im lookinq to qett . I hate lonq dresses - they make me feel restricted and extra sweaty . I want somethinq short and puffy and this is pretty much ittt . Im not sure what color yet thooo , it all depends on my shoes but Im leaninq towards thee white one ; and I must say thee shoes and earrinqs Ive been lookinq at are thee businesssss =)

*Ill def. be customizinq the dress a tid bit tho, just soo its like flawless ; at least in my eyess .

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