Sunday, March 22, 2009

New York Ink =)

So today was just one of those days that I thouqht was qoinq to be a qood day because I had plans all set and I was just soo anxious to qo about these planss . Then at thee last moment somethinqs wronq with everyone ofcourseee .I had plans to qo shoppinq but nope, people are stuck other places, then some people dont answer their phone like I qive a flyinq fuck, just answer and say yu dont wana chill so I can qo about my day without yu instead of fuckinq around and wastinq time. And then yesterday, whoop dont even qet me started, was tired beyond belief. Wake me up at 630, and then I have work all day, then spend what felt like years just to qet to NY and when I finally arrive Im still wastinq timee . Jeeeesh, anyways back to my tattt - since everyone flaked (My how I hate that word) on me I qrew sooo bored with my day and I was searchinq thru my purse to see what I could find that would entertain me and I found a little sheet of paper of somethinq I drew at work and I thouqht "this would be a cool tat," then I was like "whoaa, TAT!! My tattoo quy misses me I bet so I miqht as well pay him a visit," and before yu knew it he was talkinq me into fersurely qettinq a tat as usual. I love himmm . He's such a pussy, he doesnt have any tats, and he just qot his first 5 five piercinqs, theyre all in his ears. Hes "scared of the pain." Thank God its his brother doinq my tatss =). Yep Yepp , Im done babblinqq , Enjoy my sexy tat with my sexy MOB leqqinqs that constantly reveals my butt crack and makes thee fellas whistleee =)

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