Saturday, March 14, 2009

"I just sound like money , baby I shoulda been a porche."

Im about to be a flippinq problem - I see it already .

Just qot paid after two days of work and danqqq I feel qood lolll =) I did like nothinq at all , just answer calls , talk about colleqe with the other qirl there , and shred paper ALL day and I mean ALL day like ALLLLL day . Like that was thee funnest part , I love thee paper shredder for no reason lol . This weekend Im stayinq home and focusinq on qettinq my shit toqether (Chasity - yu understand meh riqhtt ?) Hehee anyways Im happy , just wish I was with my huney so I can be happier because Lord knows hes the best at makinq me happy =)

- He be makinq me smile somethinq like thiss , dimples and all , and yu know Im really happy when my dimples show =)

*Pic from winter2007
Eeeek , all this happiness talk is nauseatinqq .

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